Medical Imaging Technology Department——a branch of allied health professions. It was founded in 1997 by the funding of the China Medical Board(CMB), aiming at training allied health professionals. The department comes from American allied health professions education system, and some details including project design, specialties, courses, textbooks, teacher training and establishment of laboratories were confirmed and implemented after our professionals came back from the field trips and training in related professional schools in America. The establishment of the department has filled the blank in the higher education where there has not been medical-related majors to the medical profession, which makes the structure of our clinical medicine professionals more reasonable.

West China School of medicine is the first medical school which started the medical-related majors,and received  grant from the Ministry of Education, making the medical technology faculty  a national vocational education base. With the support from West China Hospital of Sichuan University, we have excellent teachers with rich theory and technical skills. At the same time,we also employ the professors, medical consultants and senior engineers from the domestic medical schools and  international companies to give lectures to make the teaching methods more flexible so that more and more students acquire a solid base in theoretical knowledge and abundant practice experience. The degree of Bachelor of Science will be awarded to students and they can continue to study further for Master Degree or PhD.

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